Consultation Services

Savepay offers consultancy on a suite of card payments options. Here is how we work:

Here are the services we can help you with:

 Card Processing

  • Analyse over 180 different cost lines with our bespoke software
  • Have a detailed look at how interchange and regulation changes may affect the card processing costs of your business
  • Cut through the complexities of hidden costs associated with blended pricing. Read more about this here

Card payment process consultants

Online payments

  • Analyse your cost structure to maximise savings
  • Review your current offering and provide feedback on it’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide a detailed report on alternatives, with recommendations on how to increase efficiency, as well as savings.

SavePay Card Processing Consultancy

Terminals and EPOS

  • Review your terminal arrangements and providers
  • Analyse the merits of purchase vs hire arrangements
  • Ensure the most up to date functionality

Terminal and EPOS Arrangements Analysis

DCC – Dynamic Currency Conversion

  • Research the practicality of offering DCC and if it would add value
  • Look at existing arrangements with your current providers to maximise returns

Payment Terminal Currency Savings